Starting a life as a photographer

As a young girl I used my parents camera. It is so long ago that I can not say how much I made. But I loved to make photos. When I was a bit older I got my own camera. A simple one where you had to put in an old fashion film role.

When I was 12 years old I got my first real digital camera. An Olympus Camedia. I used this one quite some years. I took it with me on my holidays to Egypt and Ireland. And even though I knew nothing about quality and technics I wanted to make photos that would give you that special feeling.

Years later I bought a new camera. I had discovered that I really like photography. But being 22 years old I wanted something but not that expensive. So I bought a Canon Ixus 110IS. I discovered that the quality was a lot better than my old Camedia. When I made photos during the next 2 years at concerts and festivals I heard that artists loved my work. But, the quality of the camera was simply not good enough. And it felt that way. The image was pretty. It was telling the story I wanted it to tell. But the photos were not sharp. There were too many unnecessary pixels. Most of the time because my camera could not handle the dark environment of the theatre.

At that moment I started to think of buying a new camera. A friend of mine recommended me the Olympus E-PM1. It was a slightly older model so it was less expensive. It had a standard lens but a terrible one. So I decided to buy a 14-42mm lens which I still use at this very moment. Later on I bought a new, much better, one. A 50-200mm lens with an aperture of 2.8. It is a lens that is used by professionals at concerts.

So, at this moment you can find me with an Olympus E-PM1, a 14-42mm lens and a 50-200mm lens. But I am looking for something new. Though it would take a while.

The story of my photos

I think it is amazing to make photos at concerts and festivals. I look at what is happening on stage. The story. Are there any special moments, a certain emotion or are there any movements that would give you the feeling of that very moment. Especial when you have not been there and you are simply watching the photos at a later time.

It is difficult by times because you need to follow people on stage. You have to wait for the right moment and your camera needs the right settings for the environment. Yes, I use to make manuel photos and make my own settings. Not the simple button and let my camera do the work. Some photographers say it costs to many time and you loose the moments. I am skilled in concerts for over five years and make photos at sports games. So I am quite used to make a quick choice.

And I think a photographer needs an eye for beauty. I mean, I can make 15 single shots in a row and hope for a lucky shot. But I can also wait for a moment and try to catch in only a few shots. At that point you need to react on things that could possibly happen. In order to do so you need to know what you are watching. Therefore I make mostly photos at concerts I have already seen once. Or otherwise I wait until I know what the light is doing and what the artist is doing or how he moves on stage.