25. jan, 2015

New photography course - how snow took care of it

Yesterday would have been the first day of a new photography course. I have done a few last year: basic course, portret and reportage photography. But I wanted to learn more technical skills. So I started the next one.

I have done the first 2 in Groningen where I live and the third one in Zwolle. So I guess it is not that strange that the fourth course would start in Amsterdam. This is just because Groningen has no school for photography anymore. By starting the course in Amsterdam I am a second level photographer. They have 5 levels. So you have more of a development in skills.
That did not went very well. It had snowed for more than an hour. And even though I had 23 minutes more for my journey I left 30 minutes earlier. So I would have had 53 minutes spare time to end in Amsterdam. A journey that normally takes 68 minutes. But due to snow it would take 165 minutes. I would be too late for the course. But since the course is 3,5 hours that was ok.

At the railway station I saw already the blue blocks on the screen. "Delayed" "Delayed for 45 minutes" "Will not drive" "Will not drive any further than..." Yes, that is public transport in the Netherlands. When there is 1 cm of snow nothing will function anymore. Especially both companies NS and Railway. Pointing fingers at eachother of who is to blame.

In stead of going directly to Amsterdam I made a detour by going over Deventer. From there I could go to Amersfoort. And when I was there I could take a train or bus to Amsterdam. My journey did not went any further than Apeldoorn. Only 50 km from Zwolle. Already 1 hour of the journey behind me. The only option was to go back. There was no train entering or leaving the triangle Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam for the next couple of hours. So I have not seen a thing of Amsterdam.

A new course will start next Friday. So I will take one lesson at that course. Hopefully it will snow somewhere else!

Even though I had travelled 100 km in 2,5 hours for nothing it was lovely to see the snow everywhere and I had the opportunity to film my cat for the first time in the snow.