31. jan, 2015

New photography course - this time for real

I started a new photography course all the way in Amsterdam. Yes, that one I should have started last Saturday! Well, even though there was snow again I was able to travel 2.5 hours from Groningen to Amsterdam by public transport without any problems or delay.

I can say I am rather excited because this course will teach me to make a serie or reportage. This instead of random photos. So I have 4 months to find me a subject and make a bunch of photos that will tell a story.

In the meanwhile we will work in a studio where we will make portrays. We will have a bit of Photoshop. And we learn how to make photos with a minimum or available of light. There is a nice excursion to a mill in Koog aan de Zaan or one in Westzaan.

It is a pity that I started this first lesson in a different group. I really like this one. Everyone has a different view of making photos but has also similar views. And I like the way of “hands on”. It means that you have to participate by handling and not by watching and talking.

So this serie. I really don’t know what to do. I had some spare time to visit Amsterdam. I mean, it is quite different than Groningen. It is interesting to see so many people from different countries in one place. So I watched. Every metro that went by. People going in and out of a tram. People walking through the snow or running to catch the last train.

I watched simple things. Litterbins, stones and lights. But what will you consider for a serie? I do have some ideas. But of course you are more than welcome to think about a subject!

Well, I was thinking about something surrealistic. Like a chair in the middle of some sheep. People facing a wall for no reason.

Or lost objects to see how many things are thrown away like bottles or plastic material. But on the other side lost objects like a stuffed animal without its owner. The loss of this animal. The sadness of someone who has lost the animal.

And the third idea was to form new objects from old packages. Cutting them open, folding them and making new things out of it.

Well, I am not certain of this so I will look around next couple of weeks. Try some things, hang photos on a wall and maybe I will find something brilliant.